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Insulation Services
Insulation Services

Energy Savers SI offers Attic, Wall, and Crawl Space Insulation to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient. In most applications, our preferred choice is Blown-in Cellulose. Cellulose reduces air infiltration and energy loss better than fiberglass due to its density. Cellulose is also the best environmental option because it’s made mostly of recycled materials including newspaper. It consists of nearly 85% recycled paper fiber and the other 15% is a fire retardant.

Air Sealing
Air Sealing

Before insulating, our local professionals Air Seal all wire and plumbing penetrations, top plates, and any breach in the building envelope. This lowers your homes air leakage rate and allows the new insulation to perform at peak R-value. Although some of these penetrations and air leaks are not very large, adding up the total linear footage can easily be the equivalent of having a window open year round. Remember: Insulation slows down heating and cooling loss while Air Sealing stops it.

Crawlspace Encapsulation
Crawlspace Encapsulation

You will benefit when we properly seal your crawlspace and install a new sump pump system. Avoiding mold and pest issues and structural damage are among the most important. Lower energy bills are also realized. Our customers have gained up to 25% savings on their energy bills. Increased comfort levels are also realized and floors are no longer cold above your crawlspace. Moisture-related issues and damp smells are no longer a problem and indoor air quality greatly improves.

Basement Waterproofing / Foundation  Repair
Basement Waterproofing / Foundation Repair

Energy Savers SI offers Southern Illinois folks professional waterproofing and foundation repair services to fit each budget. Several custom options are available and typically for thousands less than local competitors. Our proven methods are guaranteed to waterproof and eliminate further movement. You will have peace of mind knowing your foundation walls are secure and water problems are solved. Humidity level will decrease, indoor air quality will improve, and your family will be safe and dry!

Vinyl and Steel Siding Services
Vinyl and Steel Siding Services

We perform new vinyl and steel siding installations. You can achieve many looks due to the wide selection of styles, shapes, and available colors. Our premium insulated siding is a great choice with energy efficiency in mind. Wooden studs in exterior walls can reduce your home’s energy efficiency due to “thermal bridging." This occurs when materials with poor insulating properties come together and allow hot or cold to pass through. Insulated siding acts as a blanket and reduces this effect.

Energy Star Windows
Energy Star Windows

We install Energy Star rated windows with Low Emax and Argon Gas filled panes for maximum energy saving performance. These certified windows can lower your energy bills and add comfort to your home, especially when replacing older, leaky single pane styles. Once we properly install new windows, our pros will air seal/insulate the surrounding frame. You will use much less energy and keep money in your pocket while also benefiting the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy Star Doors
Energy Star Doors

Energy Star certified doors help insulate your home and create a tighter seal around the openings of your home. Air leaks are very common around doors and contribute to increased energy waste and larger utility bills. When you purchase Energy Star doors you are guaranteed a quality high performance energy saving product.

Whole House and Spot Ventilation Services
Whole House and Spot Ventilation Services

Exhaust fans such as the Panasonic Whisper Green Select are ideal for homes that require mechanical ventilation due to a low air leakage rate. This exhaust fan controls unwanted moisture buildup, improves Indoor Air Quality, and offers several configurations and multiple flow rates controlled automatically by smart modules. For homes with air quality issues, it can contribute to a healthier indoor environment for your family, and also provides whole-house continuous ventilation when needed.

LED Lighting Upgrades
LED Lighting Upgrades

We offer whole house LED lighting upgrades because they are by far the most efficient way of illuminating and lighting available today. LED bulbs possess an efficiency rating of up to 90% when compared to traditional light bulbs. This means that about 90% of the electrical energy is converted to light, while approximately 10% is lost and converted into heat. On the other hand, traditional incandescent light bulbs operate at 20% energy efficiency and 80% of the electricity is lost as heat.

Southern Illinois 24/7 Water Removal, Storm Damage, and Flood Restoration Services
Southern Illinois 24/7 Water Removal, Storm Damage, and Flood Restoration Services

We offer fast, affordable water removal, storm damage repair, mold remediation and complete restoration for a fraction of the price. Lifetime guarantee. Our reliable 24/7 emergency water removal team serves all of Southern Illinois residents anytime of the day, week, month, or year. We remove water infiltration and repair damages caused by flooding, foundation leaks, plumbing leaks and more.



Energy Savers SI in Carterville, IL is your local home energy efficiency and waterproofing specialists. Our trained professionals are ready to serve your home's or business' needs 24/7. We take pride existing as a local Southern Illinois SMALL business and our dedicated experts specialize in helping our friends and families save BIG money while preserving our environment. We make homes and businesses more durable and energy efficient and we can prove that each efficiency project will pay for itself through energy bill savings.  As locals, we've served Southern Illinois residents top notch customer service and quality home energy performance installations for 25 years and counting. Our BPI certified home energy performance specialists are exceptionally knowledgeable and love building science and have a passion to upgrade and solve energy efficiency and bulk moisture/water problems.  We are a registered program ally of the Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency Programs and are professionally trained to help Ameren customers identify large incentives and discounts that are available.  These award-winning programs can allow us to offer great incentivized energy efficient measures to keep heating and cooling bills at a minimum cost for each family.


Through our "Energy Efficiency Audit", our EXPERIENCED BPI certified staff offers upgrades that can include savings on air sealing, insulation, crawlspace encapsulation, basement waterproofing, foundation repair, moisture remediation, hvac services, siding, windows, doors, whole house ventilation and air quality control.  We successfully pinpoint all available energy efficiency measures through proven building science practices.  Once these measures are applied, you WILL obtain the long term benefits of comfort and savings.


We guarantee to STOP unwanted air leakage and energy waste, optimize comfort, and enhance performance and durability by installing Energy Star rated products.  We work with all customers to perform a free inspection, conduct a prioritized scope of work, and help you determine if the Savings to Investment Ratio (SIR) benefits you financially for years to come.  Our efficiency upgrades allow friends and family to experience a safer, more comfortable and economical dwelling and each of our efficiency projects are guaranteed to pay for themselves.  Let us show you how. For a free Estimate, CALL NOW: 618-713-0120.

Our certified specialists can perform a whole home assessment with a prioritized scope of work that can include:

  • Air Sealing

  • Spray Foam Insulation (Attic, Wall, Crawlspace) 

  • Cellulose & Fiberglass Insulation (Attic, Wall, Crawlspace)

  • Whole House Ventilation

  • Basement Waterproofing

  • Air Quality Control

  • Spot Ventilation

  • HVAC Inspection

  • Combustion Safety Testing

  • Duct Work Sealing

  • Duct Work Repair / Replacement

  • Crawlspace Encapsulation

  • Foundation Repair

  • Sump Pump Systems

  • Crawlspace Dewatering / Moisture Control 

  • Seamless Guttering

  • Dehumidifiers

  • LED lighting

  • Energy Saving Water Fixtures

  • Insulated Siding

  • Energy Star Windows

  • Energy Star Doors



This client participated in the Efficiency Program and received over $7000 in home efficiency upgrades with ZERO out of pocket expense! Utility bill dropped nearly 30%!

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Energy Savers SI 811 Whitecotton Dr Cart
Energy Savers SI 811 Whitecotton Dr Cart
Energy Savers SI 811 Whitecotton Dr Cart


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